We provide various software solutions for education and related institutions including schools, colleges and universities.

School/ College / Management Software:

  • SCHOOL DATABASE - Detailed database for students, parents and instructors/ teachers with contacts- telephone emails etc
  • MULTIUSER ACCOUNT SYSTEM - Access for admin, teacher, student and parent.
  • STUDENT FEES MANAGEMENT - Manage student fees very easily.
  • CLASS ROUTINE SCHEDULE - Very easy to create and manage class routine schedules.
  • DAILY ATTENDANCE - Managing daily attendance is now hassle free.
  • EXAM MARKS MANAGEMENT - Manage exam marks of all students.
  • TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT - Transport management for all routes.
  • HOSTEL MANAGEMENT- Manage all hostels of the school.
  • LIBRARY MANAGEMENT -Systematic management of all library books.



School Time-Tabling Software:

School Timetable with filtering by event, dropdown menu for filtering, columns are days of the week, one hour measure, first hours column shown with no ending hour, type 1 event block layout, 12 hour time format and clickable events.